Thursday, May 16, 2013


We are located on the center of the city, very easy to be found. Our place is absolutely the best to relax, recover, have fun, stay safe and learn new things.

The STAF with highly passionated people has worked hard to create and maintain quality service. We have thought also to give everyone the chance to sleep on a cheep budget starting from 6-30 euros.

Every event and achievement will be published on this blog and on fb through articles, images or videos.

About Events & Services

On price is included

1. Breakfast
2. Lockers
3. Shower
4. Wi-Fi
5. Fresh fruits & vegies from our garden
6. Reading or exhanging books
7. City info and maps
8. Movie Night
9. Social Games
10. Creative events through week 
11. City maps

On demand

1. Bike recovery
2. Bike rental
3. Bike guides oround breath taking places
4. Bar
5. Kayaking around the Buna Lake
6. Extra Meals
7. Laundry

Our Adress: In the center of Shkodra in the opposite side of Cinema Millenium.

Contact Number: +35569 381 2054

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